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“The Colorado State Treasurer currently maintains a list of over 1.7 million names of individuals as well as businesses for whom property is available.”

If I hear one more person say “such and such website is THE website for searching for unclaimed money”, I am going to shoot myself in the foot. Not sure what good it will do, but it has to be better than hearing this insane lack of accurate reporting the little and BIG MEDIA has bought into our homes and reported as fact over, over and over again.

The truth is, there is NOT a central database ANYWHERE which holds claims all possible claims to you from every state in America. You MUST contact the state, and preferably in writing.

You also have to be extremely careful about where you are searching. There are companies who “buy lists” directly from the government and add them to their database. These sites appear to be even less useful since they have to continuously have to keep adding names to their database and even they do not claim to have EVERY POSSIBLE CLAIM.

Why waste your time???

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How To Find Unclaimed Money in Colorado (Missing Money and Unclaimed Property)

I also want to destroy another unclaimed money myth. YOU MUST SEARCH AT LEAST ONCE PER YEAR. I have heard numerous times the statement, I have already searched for my Colorado unclaimed money and I didn’t find anything. Well….this may be true, but just because you searched yesterday, does not mean you shouldn’t search again. In fact, if you love to have fun, you should search every few months as millions of dollars are added year round.

Many people who don’t live in and have never even been to Colorado are also owed CO unclaimed money for a variety of reasons. For example, if someone works for a company in their home state, but the company is incorporated in Colorado, things like lost payroll checks may be held by Colorado treasury unclaimed money, while their home state will have no record of these funds. A similar issue arises when people have insurance through out of state companies. This is yet another reason that one search won’t cut it.

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Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Georgia Unclaimed Money

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Georgia Unclaimed Money
By Russ D Johnson

A recent report by the Chattanooga Times announced that millions of dollars in Georgia lottery winnings go unclaimed in Georgia and Tennessee. Lottery officials say this is mostly due to people that buy lottery tickets while passing-through and either forget to check if they’ve won or not.

According to another news report though, a larger amount of Georgia unclaimed money is in the hands of the state’s Treasury Department. Hundreds of millions of dollars in forgotten funds are held by the state government and most Georgians are unaware of its existence. Catherine Westbrook, an elderly resident of the state was very aware though and became frustrated when she tried getting a $1200 check from an old life-insurance policy. “When I didn’t get it for two or three weeks, then I called and they would say, ‘No, the check wasn’t written, hasn’t been written’ — that’s all they would tell me.” said Westbrook who adds after getting the check 5 months after: “I don’t know why they take so long to write a check.”

Georgia’s Unclaimed Property Law or escheat law which originates from feudal laws in England require abandoned and forgotten assets such as bank accounts, income tax refunds, uncashed checks, uncollected wages, insurance premium overpayments, gift certificates, cash dividends on stocks and mineral deposits, and others to be turned-over to the hands of the state after a specified ‘dormancy period’. This period for Georgia is 5 years and less for other financial assets. “Dormant funds are remitted to the State of Georgia. Demand deposit accounts are deemed to be dormant after 12 months and time and savings accounts are deemed to be dormant after a period of five years without activity”, according to an official statement from Georgia’s State Treasury. In a press release from the Georgia Department of Revenue’s Unclaimed Property Unit, “The time that must elapse for property to be determined “abandoned” and turned over to the state varies depending on the type of property. For example, unclaimed wages and company liquidation proceeds must be turned over to the state after one year. The vast majority of unclaimed property must be turned over to the state five years after the last contact with the rightful owner. Time frames for other types of property are: safe deposit box contents must be forwarded to the state two years after the box was opened by the holding financial institution; money orders seven years after the issue date; and traveler’s checks 15 years from the issue date.”

The Georgia Revenue Commissioner has since tried to make some improvements with regards to the state department that handles missing money in Georgia, like replacing an old automated call center system with operators who can check the status of claims immediately. According to Tim Shields, a manager with the revenue department, “From the time the claim form comes in the door, if we have everything we need, within 8 to 10 weeks, that person’s going to receive a check,”.

Greg Daugherty, Executive Editor of Consumer Reports, said “When I entered my own information, I didn’t find anything belonging to me, but I did find some money belonging to a great aunt of mine who has since died, and would have left it to me.” Greg isn’t alone, which is why enlisting the help of an unclaimed money expert is of the utmost importance.

Unclaimed money and property expert Russ Johnson has been assisting Americans in finding their unclaimed money online since 1997. His site,, is updated regularly and offers guaranteed official searches for Georgia unclaimed money and missing money across the country.

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A lone accountant recently took on the IRS in a case disputing how much the Tax Giant collected on de-mutualized insurance policy shares and policies. Well, David slew Goliath and this means millions of taxpayers have refund checks coming.  Charles Ulrich’s win couldn’t have come at a better time as a lot of people across the US are really struggling to make ends meet.  For non-holders of these ‘de-mutualized‘ assets, there’s still good news- unclaimed tax refunds.

Tax rebates are sent the same way taxpayers file for them, so if you deposited your return electronically, the IRS will automatically deposit your rebates to your account. Most US taxpayers now file their income tax online, but tens of millions still file it via snail mail. This invariably results in unclaimed tax rebates whenever these people move without leaving a forwarding address. Unclaimed tax refunds are another thing for reluctant taxpayers to look forward to during this time of recession. The amount of unclaimed money from New York State tax refunds is quite staggering- almost $10 million worth! Unclaimed tax rebates make-up a big part of the $8 billion New York unclaimed property fund in the State Treasury. In Virginia, Maine and Tennessee, unclaimed checks averaging $700-$800 are yet to be put in the hands of thousands of residents who probably aren’t even aware they are owed unclaimed tax rebates by the IRS. There are 187,000 LA state unclaimed tax refunds also worth around $10 million waiting for residents of The Pelican State. The total unclaimed money in Louisiana owed to citizens is well over $300,000. California leads the country in unclaimed tax refunds right now with $40 million belonging to 500,000  residents(133,604 in Los Angeles County) unfiled for.

The piles of unclaimed cash with the IRS keep growing among the different states and this lost money is eventually handed-over to the State Treasuries- going to an unclaimed property fund along with other unclaimed assets. Generally, the government holds on to these assets indefinitely until the rightful owners show-up. If you or your relatives have been moving, changing addresses frequently, odds are you may have unclaimed money from tax refunds or other unclaimed property in your name. Do an on-line unclaimed money search now!- who knows? You may have a thousand or two gathering dust somewhere and not even know it.

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