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“The Colorado State Treasurer currently maintains a list of over 1.7 million names of individuals as well as businesses for whom property is available.”

If I hear one more person say “such and such website is THE website for searching for unclaimed money”, I am going to shoot myself in the foot. Not sure what good it will do, but it has to be better than hearing this insane lack of accurate reporting the little and BIG MEDIA has bought into our homes and reported as fact over, over and over again.

The truth is, there is NOT a central database ANYWHERE which holds claims all possible claims to you from every state in America. You MUST contact the state, and preferably in writing.

You also have to be extremely careful about where you are searching. There are companies who “buy lists” directly from the government and add them to their database. These sites appear to be even less useful since they have to continuously have to keep adding names to their database and even they do not claim to have EVERY POSSIBLE CLAIM.

Why waste your time???

You only need to know where to search, and Russ Johnson’s newly released kindle book release spills all the beans.

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How To Find Unclaimed Money in Colorado (Missing Money and Unclaimed Property)

I also want to destroy another unclaimed money myth. YOU MUST SEARCH AT LEAST ONCE PER YEAR. I have heard numerous times the statement, I have already searched for my Colorado unclaimed money and I didn’t find anything. Well….this may be true, but just because you searched yesterday, does not mean you shouldn’t search again. In fact, if you love to have fun, you should search every few months as millions of dollars are added year round.

Many people who don’t live in and have never even been to Colorado are also owed CO unclaimed money for a variety of reasons. For example, if someone works for a company in their home state, but the company is incorporated in Colorado, things like lost payroll checks may be held by Colorado treasury unclaimed money, while their home state will have no record of these funds. A similar issue arises when people have insurance through out of state companies. This is yet another reason that one search won’t cut it.

Register now and start a Colorado unclaimed property search right now and find your money within minutes.

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Georgia Unclaimed Money

Georgia Unclaimed Money: How To Find
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Georgia unclaimed money

Lost money in Georgia, or “unclaimed money”, can be found rather quickly if you know where to search, but first you have to know HOW TO SEARCH.

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Have you wondered…”I wonder IF I have money owed to me”?

The answer is “highly likely”!

Your odds of finding lost money in Georgia are much much greater than in Vegas. It’s true!

Some estimates report as many as 1 in 4 American citizens have a claim due to them. I do not believe anyone really knows the answer to this. We can’t even balance our national budget, much less count on ALL of our trusty governments…Which reminds me to ask…

Have you ever wondered why our government can’t seem to find us when they owe us money, but have little problem locating us when we owe?


Find your unclaimed funds in Georgia. Locate the money due to every family member, friend or even stranger if that’s how you want to roll. 🙂

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If Suze Orman says it, then it must be true, right?

Well, yes!

Truth is, whether Suze says it or not, unclaimed money and property has been around since 1955. Americans are simply just now beginning to believe what they have heard for so long is really true.

It is recommended American citizens search for unclaimed money in their names as well asnliving and deceased relatives at least once per year. Many believe that because they have searchedbonce and found nothing, they do not have to seach for money again. Not true says unclaimed money expert Russ Johnson…”truth is, if you search today and find nothing, this does not mean you should stop searching. In fact, you could conduct another search the next day and find a claim because millions of dollars are added to unclaimed money databases year round”.

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Unclaimed Money In America

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Unclaimed Cash

The Delaware Division of Revenue collects dormant and abandoned assets throughout the state each spring. Last year, it collected $370 million worth of these, making the Delaware unclaimed money pile even bigger. The DE unclaimed funds come from unspent gift cards, dormant bank accounts, abandoned safe deposit bank contents, stocks, insurance benefits and similar assets.

The National Unclaimed Property Law require businesses and financial institutions to report and hand these ‘lost assets’ to the state after a specified dormancy period of usually 5 years. Delaware, along with South Carolina and Louisiana have shortened this to just 3 years recently however. Bad news for owners of family heirlooms and mementos in forgotten safe deposit boxes, as these are auctioned-off by the State and the proceeds put into the DE unclaimed money fund. With the period of dormancy shortened to 3 years, it’s quite possible for some people to be going about their daily business- thinking their savings accounts and valuables are safely tucked-away, when in reality it’s been handed over the the Division of Revenue as Delaware unclaimed property.

There’s even more bad news- something that might make residents search for Delaware unclaimed money and property ASAP. A news report released early this year tells of a New Jersey woman that pleaded guilty to being part of a Delaware escheat theft ring that stole over a million dollars from the Delaware unclaimed property fund in the Department of Revenue! Chandrea Sanassie, a New Jersey native, was part of a 5-person team of swindlers led by Anthony Lofink (a state official’s son) that swindled unclaimed stocks from the government. Sanassie used her share of the money to pay for cosmetic surgery, expensive clothes and jewelry, luxury cars and and started-up capital for a tanning salon. What would you do with extra cash? Do an unclaimed money search now and see if you’ve lost money you don’t know about.

The now defunct New Kids On The Block, superstar chefs Ming Tsai and Todd English, even star slugger for the Boston Red Sox Nomar Garciaparra are on the State of Massachussetts unclaimed property list. This means the State owes them MA unclaimed money from financial assets they’ve lost track of over the years. Isn’t it kind of odd that the government can’t track these people down to reunite them with their MA unclaimed funds?

The National Unclaimed Property Law requires businesses and institutions like IRS to turn over state unclaimed property from bank accounts, tax rebate checks, stocks, insurance benefits, etc. to the State Treasury if they’ve been inactive for a 3-5 years. The State has the responsibility of safekeeping and locating owners of unclaimed money using the last known address of owners. Massachusetts keeps unclaimed money belonging to MA unclaimed property owners they can’t find, but how does this explain NKOTB, a famous Red Sox star, and celebrity chefs being owed MA unclaimed funds? It’s not as if these people are difficult to locate like the average Joe.

Think about it, if members of a famous boyband and an award-winning Chinese-American chef can be owed Massachusetts unclaimed money from Metlife stocks ($800 worth) and $921 in cash (respectively), what more a regular resident of Massachusetts? Even an eatery which can be easily located (Legal Seafoods Seafoods) is owed a whopping $5,103 unclaimed cash!

Roughly 40,000 names are on the State’s recent list of MA unclaimed property owners and they’re owed a total of $13 million according to a Boston Herald report on MA unclaimed money. That doesn’t even include previous unclaimed property owners still in the state’s database! Even retired state officials have $14 million unclaimed retirement benefits owed them, says NBC’s Channel 7 News based in Boston. You can be one of the scores of Americans missing money and not even know it. Do an unclaimed money search now and get crucial cash in your pockets! In times like these, it wouldn’t hurt.

“We’ve got money that belongs to people in every nook and cranny in Alabama,” words from State Treasurer Kay Ivey that should be music to the ears of Alabama residents. 18,000 residents of Lee County alone have almost $5 million from abandoned safe deposit box contents which have been collected by the State as Alabama unclaimed property. These, along with financial assets from dormant bank accounts, languishing stocks and bonds, uncollected salaries, uncashed checks, etc. are required by the National Unclaimed Property Law to be turned over to the State after 3-5 years of going unclaimed.

Residents of other Alabama counties have even more unclaimed funds coming to them, of course. The total Alabama unclaimed money in the Treasurer’s Office is almost $400 million right now and the pile of unclaimed funds is getting bigger each year because most people aren’t even aware that the State has their lost money from forgotten assets. “Many people are simply unaware that unclaimed property exists in their name,” says Deputy Treasurer Anthony Leigh. In the 2007 fiscal year, $55.6 million AL unclaimed funds from abandoned assets were collected and only $23 million reunited with Alabama unclaimed property owners.

Alabama, like most other states keep residents’ unclaimed money in perpetuity until the rightful owners or their next of kin show-up. “There is no time limit by which the individual must come forward to claim property. individuals claiming property for themselves must present identification and proof of address or social security number depending on the information submitted by the business that turned the property over to us,” Leigh says. That’s a comforting thought for people who have their hands too full to be searching for unclaimed property right now, but with the poor economy and high costs of living in the U.S. right now, doing an unclaimed money search right now might be a wise move.