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How To Find and Search Unclaimed Money

Have you heard about unclaimed money?

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The Mountain State has a mountain of residents’ lost money sitting in its Treasury Department. During these times of financial chaos when multitudes of Americans are hard-up for extra funds, it’s quite ironic that it’s there. But the $110 million unclaimed money in West Virginia even stands to grow for the same reason it got there in the first place- most West Virginians (and Americans for that matter) are oblivious about their missing money.

Given the recent hurricanes, mortgages, floods and ever-increasing pace in which we live our lives, losing track of our finances is quite normal. When people have to abandon their homes in a hurry or move to ‘greener pastures’, it’s easy to forget about leaving a notice of a change of address, getting that final paycheck, or closing-up a bank account. WV unclaimed property can come from many sources, but interestingly enough, it’s due to oversight. “They may have a paycheck coming to them that they didn’t realize or some stock their grandparents purchased when they were a child and it was forgotten in a safety deposit box,”‘ State Treasurer Russ Perdue says. “There are all kinds of unclaimed property examples where money was forgotten.” This oversight of assets has been happening across the US actually and the collective amount spread-out among the States already exceeds $30 billion.

In a recent report on The Charleston Gazette, an unclaimed money check for almost a million dollars was presented to local coal company from Appalachian Power. Approximately $965,000 was presented to a lawyer representing Direct Coal Sales stemming from a refund based on a business contract. The check was the largest yet for West Virginia unclaimed money says Assistant State Treasurer Paul Hill in the report.

Anybody’s name can turn-up on a list of of owners of lost assets. Doing an online search for state unclaimed money might just hook you up with much needed cash.

Residents of the Garden State pay some of the highest property taxes in the country- as much as twice the amount paid by residents in the other states. Once can’t help but wonder then why a significant number of NJ homeowners have neglected to claim their property tax rebates. Quite puzzling specially during times like these. A WCBS news report says 200,000 Garden State dwellers have NJ unclaimed money from property tax refunds worth a whopping $200 million! You think that’s a lot? That’s only a fraction of the total New Jersey unclaimed money pile in the State Treasury owed to 1.3 million people!

Aside from tax rebates, New Jersey unclaimed money comes from comes from numerous other sources like forgotten bank accounts, uncashed salary checks, insurance benefits, stocks and bonds that have been languishing, unused gift checks, even items from abandoned safe deposit boxes. People, specially if they’ve been working numerous jobs and have had several addresses tend to lose track of mailed checks or notices from banks and financial institutions. Businesses and companies that haven’t located the owners of lost money and property after a ‘dormancy period’ have to hand them over to the State for ‘safekeeping’ as stipulated in the National Unclaimed Property Law. The citizens’ lost money is kept in the State Treasury until the rightful owners come around to file a claim. The State also holds outreach programs to try to let people know about New Jersey unclaimed funds. Last year, the NJ State Treasury unclaimed property advertising campaign reunited some 36,000 residents with $85 million of their missing money.

The economic conditions in the US is a bit gloomy right now and the fact that there is an estimated $33 billion worth of State unclaimed property across the country is quite ludicrous if you think about it. Fact is, not enough people are checking for unclaimed funds because most Americans aren’t even aware they might have state unclaimed property in their name. Doing an online unclaimed money search can do wonders for Americans whose wallets have been yearning for contents during these tough economic times.

The now defunct New Kids On The Block, superstar chefs Ming Tsai and Todd English, even star slugger for the Boston Red Sox Nomar Garciaparra are on the State of Massachussetts unclaimed property list. This means the State owes them MA unclaimed money from financial assets they’ve lost track of over the years. Isn’t it kind of odd that the government can’t track these people down to reunite them with their MA unclaimed funds?

The National Unclaimed Property Law requires businesses and institutions like IRS to turn over state unclaimed property from bank accounts, tax rebate checks, stocks, insurance benefits, etc. to the State Treasury if they’ve been inactive for a 3-5 years. The State has the responsibility of safekeeping and locating owners of unclaimed money using the last known address of owners. Massachusetts keeps unclaimed money belonging to MA unclaimed property owners they can’t find, but how does this explain NKOTB, a famous Red Sox star, and celebrity chefs being owed MA unclaimed funds? It’s not as if these people are difficult to locate like the average Joe.

Think about it, if members of a famous boyband and an award-winning Chinese-American chef can be owed Massachusetts unclaimed money from Metlife stocks ($800 worth) and $921 in cash (respectively), what more a regular resident of Massachusetts? Even an eatery which can be easily located (Legal Seafoods Seafoods) is owed a whopping $5,103 unclaimed cash!

Roughly 40,000 names are on the State’s recent list of MA unclaimed property owners and they’re owed a total of $13 million according to a Boston Herald report on MA unclaimed money. That doesn’t even include previous unclaimed property owners still in the state’s database! Even retired state officials have $14 million unclaimed retirement benefits owed them, says NBC’s Channel 7 News based in Boston. You can be one of the scores of Americans missing money and not even know it. Do an unclaimed money search now and get crucial cash in your pockets! In times like these, it wouldn’t hurt.


Homeowners in the Sunbelt region of the U.S. have been hit by the sub-prime mortgage crisis more than those of other states. Home prices have fallen drastically and things are really glum on Nevada’s real estate front with the State having had the worst loan foreclosure rate in the nation. According to a recent KVBC report however,  thousands of NV residents have a bit of consolation coming to them in the form of Nevada unclaimed money.


The State’s Unclaimed Property Office owes citizens almost $300 million from Nevada unclaimed property and all these people have to do is to step-up and file a claim. State Treasurer Kate Marshall recently had 2,500 Western Nevadans on the State Unclaimed Property list who had at least $50 coming to them. Unclaimed property can come from abandoned bank accounts, uncollected rebate checks, payroll, etc. “It can be dozens of things,” said the Treasurer. “And people always say, ‘Oh, I know where my money is.’ But they don’t.” The odds of finding Nevada unclaimed property money are actually better than winning in Sin City’s casinos.  Problem is, people there aren’t aware that the State has their missing money.


NV resident Tang Lewis hadn’t even heard about State unclaimed property until she got a call from the Treasurer’s office. “They call me and say my husband left me some money… $90,000.” Although most NV unclaimed money claims aren’t this big, it shows how much cash people may be missing-out on.


In the face of another recession and rising cost of living, everyone needs extra cash. Doing an unclaimed money search on-line is one of the easiest ways of doing that. No driving and no waiting in line in some government building like some may think. According to the Deputy Treasurer of Unclaimed Property, Mary McElhone in the news report: “you just need the internet, along with your name or business, and in a few seconds you’ll know whether you are owed money.”
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