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The most asked question I get when people call me is “where do I find a central location to find my money” or “where can a find an unclaimed money list to enter my name and search all 50 states”.

The unfortunate answer when searching for unclaimed money and property is there is not a central database anywhere.

Yes, there are some websites who claim to search all 50 states, and I guess in theory they do, HOWEVER, these companies simply buy lists from the state and enter them into their tiny databases. This potentially leaves hundreds of thousands of claims not contained within their database. In other words, these databases are incomplete, so why waste your time. Right?

The truth is, each unclaimed money office has their own database for the state they serve. This means you MUST search each state individually. There is no other way around it!

Unfortunately, our government state offices for unclaimed money are so splintered they are not willing to work together to create a central database. It is thought that many states actually abuse these monies and dip into unclaimed funds to help balance their budgets.

Even worse, many more states are jumping on the unclaimed money bandwagon and starting to limit the amount of time you have to search or the state says you forfeit your unclaimed cash and the state can do whatever it chooses to do with it. It is my opinion this is criminal, but what more can one man do?

Unclaimed money lists for many states must be searched now to ensure you claim what is rightfully yours!

Just keep in mind, you need to search at least once per year. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE ADDED YEAR ROUND. So if you do not find a claim for yourself or a relative right away, do not fret, come back tomorrow and lady luck may just be on your side.

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