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Illinois Unclaimed Money

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Illinois Unclaimed Money: How To Find (Missing Money & Unclaimed Property In America)

“You may be among the millions of people, businesses and heirs who have cash or valuables owed to you in the State of Illinois.”

The only thing standing between the cash and its rightful owners in Illinois is the knowledge that it’s out there and the ability to track it down.

Illinois unclaimed money lists are available online in many cases, BUT, not not let the “authorities” fool you! There are thousands upon thousands of claims which are not listed online. This is one area where the government appears to be deceiving us into believing all claims are available online. Let’s face it, some states are trying to balance their budgets with OUR money, giving them incentives to hang onto our money as long as possible. In some cases, these offices have decided you have a limited amount of time to make your claim before it is “escheated” (given) to the government to use for however they see fit. Is this right? Heck NO!

My suggestion is you to search Illinois treasury unclaimed property lists before every state begins to follow this insane lead!

Illinois unclaimed assets can be anything from cash to real property. Maybe your grandfather had a bank deposit box he never told anyone about. After a period of time, the office of unclaimed funds Illinois requires the entity to escheat, or better said  the IL unclaimed property reporting  departments demands the money or property turned over to the state for safe keeping.

All you have to do is search the Illinois unclaimed money lists and this new book on Amazon has all the answers to find every penny due to you and your family.


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