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Indiana Unclaimed Money List

Indiana unclaimed money alone now totals over $350 million

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Indiana Unclaimed Money: How To Find (Missing Money & Unclaimed Property In America)

Did you know there is only one official Indiana unclaimed money website?

Each year states across the country, including Indiana, take in more unclaimed property than they return to the rightful owners, leading to piles of cash totaling tens of billions of dollars. Indiana unclaimed money alone now totals over $350 million, and the money is there for the taking if the citizens it belongs to can just locate it and step forward to claim it.

Some sites online appear to be out to take your money rather than help you find it. Oh yeah, they look official with all the seals and promises, but if you read the fine print, you will discover they not only charge you “per search” or charge “monthly fees”, but they also DO NOT have all claims listed in their database.

On another note, the most touted website by the popular media even states they do not have all claims in their database. Even from the states who claim to participate.

My question is why waste your time looking if you are not going directly to the source holding your Indiana unclaimed money? Why not do it right the first time to ensure you find every stinking penny due to you from the Indiana unclaimed property office?

many people make the mistake that the Attorney General Indiana unclaimed money or funds is holding money owed to you. This is not the proper office! Your Indiana comptroller is the one who safe keeps these funds.

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