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Alabama latest reports show $420 MILLION unclaimed dollars waiting to be claimed within the state.

Do not delay searching for your lost money in Alabama.

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Alabama Unclaimed Money: How To Find (Missing Money and Unclaimed Property)


Discover where the “Alabama department of revenue” keeps your unclaimed property and how to claim every stinking penny owed to you, your family, friends and even strangers.

Finding Alabama unclaimed money is fun, and something every American should do at least once per year. Yep! Most people do not understand the importance of searching for unclaimed property in Alabama, and believe if they have searched once, they do not need to search again.

Truth is, even as more and more people begin to realize unclaimed money and property is real, and not a scam, the number of unclaimed funds continues to grow each and every year!

Alabama unclaimed funds is estimated to be at $420 million dollars and simply waiting on the rightful owners to make their claim. Could it be you?

Your odds are better than any Vegas slot and it well worth searching for. In fact, the odds are so great, it would be near impossible for you to notĀ find money in Alabama for yourself, or, at least someone you know.

I found nearly $3500 for my parents in just a few minutes of searching. You should have seen the look on my moms face and tear in her eye. That money really came in handy at the right time. That one experience set my whole life in a new direction as I continue to help people across American their state and I can help you find your Alabama unclaimed property.

Word of caution: As with any other website, when lost money is involved, there have been many websites who pop up who appear to be out to take your money rather than help you find it. If you are not careful, these unscrupulous sites will be charging you on a per search or per month basis. Don’t do it! It is not necessary to pay these ridiculous fees!

As reported on, “When people move or get new jobs, they sometimes lose assets like uncollected salary checks, income tax refunds, stock dividends, etc. by forgetting to leave behind a forwarding address. People also pass-away without leaving a will and their assets go to their next of kin who sometimes can’t be located due to a change of name or address. Items from contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes are also deemed unclaimed property under Alabama law. These are turned-over to the state after a ‘dormancy period’, which differs state to state. The dormancy period for unclaimed funds in Alabama is 5 years for most financial assets and one year for salary checks. Tangible items from safe deposit boxes turned-over to the state are auctioned-off to the public and the money returned to the state treasurer’s office where it can still be claimed by the rightful owners without time constraints.”

Once you know how to search, and how to keep your money in your pocket from the start, you will become an Alabama lost money and property expert. You will be the hero in your family and if niot a cash reward, you will certainly receive some very nice dinners from those you find money for.
If you really love searching and finding money, you might even consider becoming a professional finder for profit. All of the details are in the members website at where you will receive complimentary access when you order your book through

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