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The most asked question I get when people call me is “where do I find a central location to find my money” or “where can a find an unclaimed money list to enter my name and search all 50 states”.

The unfortunate answer when searching for unclaimed money and property is there is not a central database anywhere.

Yes, there are some websites who claim to search all 50 states, and I guess in theory they do, HOWEVER, these companies simply buy lists from the state and enter them into their tiny databases. This potentially leaves hundreds of thousands of claims not contained within their database. In other words, these databases are incomplete, so why waste your time. Right?

The truth is, each unclaimed money office has their own database for the state they serve. This means you MUST search each state individually. There is no other way around it!

Unfortunately, our government state offices for unclaimed money are so splintered they are not willing to work together to create a central database. It is thought that many states actually abuse these monies and dip into unclaimed funds to help balance their budgets.

Even worse, many more states are jumping on the unclaimed money bandwagon and starting to limit the amount of time you have to search or the state says you forfeit your unclaimed cash and the state can do whatever it chooses to do with it. It is my opinion this is criminal, but what more can one man do?

Unclaimed money lists for many states must be searched now to ensure you claim what is rightfully yours!

Just keep in mind, you need to search at least once per year. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE ADDED YEAR ROUND. So if you do not find a claim for yourself or a relative right away, do not fret, come back tomorrow and lady luck may just be on your side.

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If Suze Orman says it, then it must be true, right?

Well, yes!

Truth is, whether Suze says it or not, unclaimed money and property has been around since 1955. Americans are simply just now beginning to believe what they have heard for so long is really true.

It is recommended American citizens search for unclaimed money in their names as well asnliving and deceased relatives at least once per year. Many believe that because they have searchedbonce and found nothing, they do not have to seach for money again. Not true says unclaimed money expert Russ Johnson…”truth is, if you search today and find nothing, this does not mean you should stop searching. In fact, you could conduct another search the next day and find a claim because millions of dollars are added to unclaimed money databases year round”.

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Lost Money In America

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Finding lost money is much easier than one might think. A quick simple search yield thousands of unclaimed dollars you didn’t know existed.

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The Mountain State has a mountain of residents’ lost money sitting in its Treasury Department. During these times of financial chaos when multitudes of Americans are hard-up for extra funds, it’s quite ironic that it’s there. But the $110 million unclaimed money in West Virginia even stands to grow for the same reason it got there in the first place- most West Virginians (and Americans for that matter) are oblivious about their missing money.

Given the recent hurricanes, mortgages, floods and ever-increasing pace in which we live our lives, losing track of our finances is quite normal. When people have to abandon their homes in a hurry or move to ‘greener pastures’, it’s easy to forget about leaving a notice of a change of address, getting that final paycheck, or closing-up a bank account. WV unclaimed property can come from many sources, but interestingly enough, it’s due to oversight. “They may have a paycheck coming to them that they didn’t realize or some stock their grandparents purchased when they were a child and it was forgotten in a safety deposit box,”‘ State Treasurer Russ Perdue says. “There are all kinds of unclaimed property examples where money was forgotten.” This oversight of assets has been happening across the US actually and the collective amount spread-out among the States already exceeds $30 billion.

In a recent report on The Charleston Gazette, an unclaimed money check for almost a million dollars was presented to local coal company from Appalachian Power. Approximately $965,000 was presented to a lawyer representing Direct Coal Sales stemming from a refund based on a business contract. The check was the largest yet for West Virginia unclaimed money says Assistant State Treasurer Paul Hill in the report.

Anybody’s name can turn-up on a list of of owners of lost assets. Doing an online search for state unclaimed money might just hook you up with much needed cash.

Hundreds of thousands of residents in the State of Kentucky have more money than they probably think. The State Treasury is currently holding $150 million Kentucky unclaimed money from financial assets citizens have aren’t aware, or have forgotten about. These can range from abandoned bank accounts, lost or uncashed checks and gift certificates, old stocks and bonds, even odd items like jewelry or mementos left in safe deposit boxes whose owners can’t be located anymore. If owners of lost assets aren’t located after 3 years (usually), they are turned over to the State Treasurer’s office for safekeeping. Right now, the names on the Kentucky unclaimed property list numbers around 200,000 and since public awareness about KY unclaimed money is relatively low, these numbers are certain to grow each passing year.

A large part of the Kentucky unclaimed money pile is made up of unclaimed tax refunds. 11,000 Louisville residents are still owed $3.7 million worth of these. “The people who haven’t claimed these checks are often the people who could use it the most,” says Mayor Jerry Abramson. “Thousands of people could be letting this one-time windfall pass them by, but it’s an easy process to get the money that’s been set aside for them.” The unclaimed tax refunds in Kentucky average $651 and the IRS reports that 279,000 tax refund checks worth $163 million were undelivered because of address issues.

Indeed, more Americans should really be checking for missing money in their name- specially during times like these.

The Kentucky Unclaimed Property program has returned over $100 million to owners of KY unclaimed funds, but there’s still $150 million languishing in State Treasury’s coffers. The lost money would really come to good use in the hands of Kentucky residents feeling the financial crisis plaguing the country right now. Learning how to do a thorough method of doing an unclaimed money search online is the best way of finding lost cash in your name.

A recent post on New Mexico’s Las Cruces News announced that the State’s Taxation and Revenue Department will soon be holding its annual outreach program in reuniting NM unclaimed property with its owners. “We’ll be advertising in newspapers all over the state, and we’ll be available at our booth during the state fair,” Rick Homans, secretary for the department says. “We encourage everyone to review our lists to see if we might be holding some of their property or money — and we will be more than happy to give it back.”

Like most states, NM holds New Mexico unclaimed money and property for its owners forever until they are claimed. Lost and abandoned financial assets are collected by the State after if they go unclaimed after a few years and the businesses and financial entities are required by the National Unclaimed Property Law to hand them over. People lose track of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance policies and the like when they change addresses or switch jobs. Unclaimed tax refund checks are also categorized as New Mexico unclaimed funds and over $10 million worth of these are owed to 35,000 NM senior citizens and disabled veterans who have until October 15 of this year to claim them. After that, the unclaimed tax stimulus checks will be turned-over to the state where they can still be claimed after some processing.
Local newspapers will advertise names of people owed New Mexico unclaimed property throughout September and outreach booths will be set-up in State Fairs also. Last year almost a million fair-goers were reunited with their missing money from these state unclaimed property booths. This year, a total of 748,000 citizens are owed New Mexico unclaimed property worth roughly $110 million!

Too busy to visit the State fairs? Find out how to do a proper and effective unclaimed money search yourself and avoid ‘finders’ who are just after a chunk of you lost money.

A jade necklace, assorted jewelry, a diamond-encrusted Buddha figurine- these are some of the family heirlooms that Nora Wang thought she had lost forever. A short while after receiving an overseas call from her son (she’s now based in Taiwan), the 60ish Chinese immigrant joyously finds out the priceless heirlooms that have been passed-down through her grandmother still remains with her family. This according to a report in the Rocky Mountain News.

“The Great Colorado Payback” is a program run by the State Treasurer’s office aiming to reunite Colorado unclaimed money and property to its rightful owners. Residents that have lost track of their financial assets through forgetfulness, change of address, death, etc. Nora Wang lost track of her safe deposit box when her bank’s ownership changed hands and she moved to Taiwan from the U.S.

Right now, the Colorado unclaimed money pile has grown to $50 million from unclaimed property collected throughout the State. The National Unclaimed Property Law, to keep citizens from losing their financial assets altogether, requires businesses and financial institutions to hand over dormant and idle accounts, uncashed checks, insurance policies, forgotten stocks and bonds and the like to the State. Tangible unclaimed property are auctioned-off if the State can’t find the owners after a while, so Wang was very fortunate not to have had her family jewels converted to Colorado unclaimed money.

Wang’s case just shows how important it is for Americans to do an unclaimed property search in all the State Treasuries they may have property in. Knowing how to do a thorough search for unclaimed money can spell cash for Americans during lean times like this.