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If Suze Orman says it, then it must be true, right?

Well, yes!

Truth is, whether Suze says it or not, unclaimed money and property has been around since 1955. Americans are simply just now beginning to believe what they have heard for so long is really true.

It is recommended American citizens search for unclaimed money in their names as well asnliving and deceased relatives at least once per year. Many believe that because they have searchedbonce and found nothing, they do not have to seach for money again. Not true says unclaimed money expert Russ Johnson…”truth is, if you search today and find nothing, this does not mean you should stop searching. In fact, you could conduct another search the next day and find a claim because millions of dollars are added to unclaimed money databases year round”.

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An interesting way to make money online is by helping others find unclaimed money which they may have never found otherwise.

Truth is, it’s not difficult to find claims if you desire to operate as a finder. Finders charge a percentage of the claim, which is typically 10%.

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In addition to learning how to  find your own claims, you will discover how to run an unclaimed money home based business.

It’s fun, has little overhead, and allows an unbelievable amount of free time.

Here’s one way you can make money with unclaimed money.

Step 1. Develop a list of $3000+ claims.

Step 2. Find the current address of the rightful owner utilizing resources like (few people do not leave a paper trail)

– In certain circumstances, especially on large claims ($10,000+), which may be difficult to find, it’s worth hiring a professional to find the person for you. In fact, if you plan to expand your business, developing a relationship with similar companies can be very beneficial. You could spend your time locating claims, whiler partnering or outsourcing finding the rightful owners current addresses. is one such company.

Step 3. Sign agreement with the recipient.

Step 4. File claim

Step 5. Collect a check.

It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars with only a few phone calls.

That’s it!

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70% payout.

You’ll know how to find your personal claims, as well as how to operate a home business as an unclaimed money finder.

Happy hunting!

Unclaimed valuables auctioned off at Miami airport.

Unbelievable deals can be found at these unclaimed auctions. A $3000 Marimba sold for just over $500.

Watch the unclaimed valuables video.