Kentucky Unclaimed Money & Property

To access the Kentucky unclaimed money and property database, you must be searching the official website or you may be getting scammed. The Internet offers so many options when seeking to find your lost money in Kentucky, so it is vitally important you locate money directly from the source holding money owed to you or your family from the KY unclaimed money database.

“The Commonwealth (Kentucky) currently holds more than $150 million worth of unclaimed property for over 200,000 individuals.”


Kentucky Unclaimed Money: How To Find (Missing Money and Unclaimed Property in America

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Kentucky unclaimed funds list:

When referring to unclaimed money, the terms “unclaimed property”, “unclaimed funds”, “unclaimed cash”, “lost money” and “missing money” are used interchangeably. Many people fail to understand, “real property” may be turned over to the government, but after a period of time, the state will auction off the items and the property will then become a monetary value to the rightful owner.

It’s not surprising that most people simply dismiss the idea of unclaimed funds as some sort of scam, because it’s difficult to believe that there are billions of dollars across the country that people simply forgot about over the years. Who ever just “forgets” that they have money somewhere? Well, apparently a lot of people. Not surprisingly, the states (including Kentucky) lack the resources to track down every single person who is owed missing money. Government doesn’t do much efficiently, why would returning money to the people be any different? Citizens of the Bluegrass State need to take matters in to their own hands if they ever want to discover the joys of found money.


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