Texas Unclaimed Money

Posted: February 28, 2012 by unclaimedmoney in Texas
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Who doesn’t love Amazon?

This new book released just days ago gives all the detail on how to find your unclaimed money in Texas. Every stinking penny.

Missing money in Texas has been around since the 40’s and it is only now that more and more Americans have become aware of the need to search for their lost assets.

Unclaimed funds come in many shapes and sizes and it is hard to believe lost money has reached into the billions of lost dollars. The estimated amount of money waiting to be claimed throughout America is near $40 BILLION dollars. YES!, that is a “B” as in billions.

There are some secrets you need to know to find your unclaimed money in Texas, and Russ Johnson, the author of this 30 page book spills all the details and hidden secrets even the government does not want you to know. The Comptrollers of some states have good reason to hide your money and Russ lets it all hang out with every detail about the lone star state.

Take a look and take my advice, buy Texas Unclaimed Money: How To Find

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