Unclaimed Money In America

Posted: October 31, 2008 by unclaimedmoney in Uncategorized

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Unclaimed Cash

  1. sarella harris says:

    looking to see if Im owed money

  2. Mary A Collins says:

    I am in search of unclaimed funds dating back to1979 to present. money should be from YONKERS,NY

  3. Lattisa Perry says:

    I would like to know if i have any unclaimed money or property in my name i would like to have it and know about it if i do.

  4. dorethea buck says:

    i am look for money that maybe own to me.

  5. They have been send me to get the government grants money they never send me the check to my home address. So how can i get the money i need to pay bills off. I need this money please going to be kick out where i live at so i need it. Thank You!

  6. looking for money lillie m young meguffie shepherd

  7. Shavon malone says:

    Find me my money.

  8. I need unclaimed in any means of availability, in my name or in any way.

  9. ALICIA J. MCGILL says:

    would like to know if i have any money owed to me cause i sure need it if its out there

  10. Would like to find out who could. Of left me money in the city of new York.

  11. Elizabeth O. Simone says:

    please look for unclaimed money under Elizabeth ortiz or Elizabeth Simone also look for unclaimed money for my mother Filiamor ortiz also my sister Socorro ortiz my mother and my sister lived in Paterosn N.J. I also lived in N.J. but have been in Staten Island, N.Y. for the passed 40 yrs.

    Thank You
    Mrs. Simone

  12. sandra ann ponce says:

    i would to know if i have unclaimed money in texas and if i have any in n.c and fla.in my mainen name davis

  13. Iam trying to check and see if here is a unclaimed pennystock for kirk gambrell. father william e williams, there been alot of problems so Iam concerned and mybe it could be associated with stock can you check for me asap,

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