Millions of dollars worth of Tennessee unclaimed property are turned into the State’s Treasury Department every year. The TN unclaimed funds belong to citizens residing in and sometimes even outside of The Big Bend State who have somehow lost track of their finances due to oversight, change of address, or errors in the mailing of financial documents. Like those of other States’ Tennessee businesses and financial institutions are required by law to turn over people’s missing money and property after being unclaimed after 3-5 years.

The $370 MILLION Tennessee unclaimed money pile gets bigger each year because the amount of TN unclaimed property the Treasury collects from banks, insurance companies and businesses is way bigger than the amount given back to owners of lost money. Reason for this is mainly lack of awareness among residents and lack of manpower in the TN Unclaimed Property Division.

Everyone should check if they have TN unclaimed money in their name- it’s quite surprising whose names appear on the State’s list of unclaimed property owners. Knoxville Commissioner Richard Briggs turned-out to have $250 from an old insurance policy. “When I got the call, I thought it must be some kind of mistake,” said the Commissioner. “When people say the word ‘property,’ I initially thought it meant land or buildings instead of money.”

A former UPS employee found out he had almost of $500 coming to him after a friend saw his name on a list of people owed Tennessee unclaimed money. Turns out he was missing money from his last paycheck at UPS. Funny thing is he had already been receiving pension checks for two years. Surprisingly, even State agencies of Tennessee are owed unclaimed money. A collective of total of $10,000 are owed to the Department of Commerce and Insurance, Department of Safety, Department of Transportation, Tenncare, Department of Revenue and the University of Tennessee! “It’s interesting, funny, that one state agency can’t find another state agency to give them their money,” says House of Representatives candidate Ron Hickman who decided to check if the State itself has unclaimed money. Assistant Treasury Commissioner Steve Curry in Nashville’s WSMV-TV News says (with sarcasm, I’m sure) “We can find the University of Tennessee, and we will return the property to the University of Tennessee and the other departments”

Think about it. If State agencies themselves can be owed unclaimed property money, what more the average Joe at his office or at the corner fast-food joint flippin’ burgers? Do an easy online unclaimed money search now– you just might have an uncashed check or lost loot out there somewhere.

  1. Margie hale says:

    Do i got any unclaimed money

  2. angela w randolph says:

    Is their any moneys for Angela

  3. angela w randolph says:

    Do I have money

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