SC State Treasurer encourages everyone to take advantage of “The Palmetto Payback.” A program run by his office annually to reunite residents with the South Carolina unclaimed money collected by the State annually.  If you don’t find unclaimed money in your name after doing an unclaimed money search, chances are you’ll find some owed to a relative or a friend. This is what 100 year-old Hattie Miller’s niece found out after hearing about the existence of South Carolina unclaimed money in the State’s Unclaimed Property website. Converse Chellis, SC Treasurer personally delivered the check to what may be the oldest recipient of US unclaimed funds according to Fox Carolina News. Here’s part of an article on South Carolina unclaimed money written by a state unclaimed money expert:

As of October 2007, it was determined by the Office of the State Treasurer of SC that the state is currently holding $200 million that belongs to citizens who need only step forward and claim it, if they can find it. Despite increased efforts to reunite South Carolina unclaimed money with its rightful owners, which lead to a record return of $900,000 in Sept. 2007, the pile of cash continues to grow.

Each year, South Carolina, like most states, continues to take in more money than it’s able to return to the people. The primary problem is the fact that most people are completely unaware that these funds even exist, which is obvious, or they’d never have forgotten about them long enough for them to be considered “unclaimed”. Even those who have learned about the billions of dollars in unclaimed property all across the country usually don’t know how to go about finding them.

The national unclaimed money total has amassed $33 billion spread out among the various State Treasuries across the U.S. This just reflects the irony that a lot of people are so busy trying to make a living that they don’t realize they’re missing money and that much of it is in the government’s hands. Another recession is highly likely and Americans are going to need all the cash they can get. Read more about South Carolina unclaimed money.

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