The economic stimulus checks the IRS sent under the Bush administration were a big relief for scores of Americans currently having trouble with the rising costs of fuel, groceries and the current state of the US economy. These, combined with tax cuts do make things easier for taxpayers across the country. Sadly, a lot of North Carolina’s senior citizens and disabled still don’t know they qualify for the tax credit- leaving $2.45 million of North Carolina unclaimed money from unclaimed tax stimulus checks.

“The biggest concern the IRS has is getting these people to claim the money they’re entitled to,” Mark Hanson, spokesman for the IRS says in an August newsreport on NC unclaimed money. “If they’re eligible for benefits, we want them to get them. … We just want to tell them, ‘Look, the money is there. It’s yours. Go get it.’” Lucy Gorham of Chapel Hill advocacy group MDC Inc. says it’s a national issue: “And I think the IRS has been surprised at how much money is left unclaimed. … But when you have a group of seniors not filing tax returns, that’s logical to me. Social Security isn’t taxed, and all those Social Security recipients might not even know they’re eligible.

These unclaimed stimulus checks, along with NC unclaimed property money from lost asset like uncashed checks, languishing stocks, dormant bank accounts and insurance and pension benefits add-up to the State of North Carolina unclaimed money pile currently worth over half a billion dollars.

According to Heather Franco of the NC Treasurer’s Office, “The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer holds nearly $700 million in unclaimed property.” In a report done by The Daily Vidette on state unclaimed property, she goes on to say that there are a million unclaimed property accounts in the North Carolina unclaimed property database. NC has a population of around 8 million people, so that translates to 1 out of every 8 North Carolina resident having unclaimed property money coming to them.

Curt McDuffee of Cary, NC was reunited with $1,365 worth of North Carolina unclaimed funds from an overpayment when his now late mother was admitted in a hospital several years ago. “After we get it, I’ll split it with my brother, and I’ll take my lovely wife out to dinner with part of it, and we’re planning to donate the rest of it to our church,” the elated McDuffee says in a WRAL report. The NC TV station was responsible for getting the NC resident in touch with his missing money.

The reason the North Carolina unclaimed money has piled-up is because most owners of unclaimed money in NC aren’t even aware they’re missing money in the first place. Anybody can be owed unclaimed property, so all residents should do an on-line unclaimed money search and check if they have NC unclaimed funds in their name. With high fuel prices and national credit crunch plaguing the US, now is as good a time as any.


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  1. […] Finding Unclaimed Money wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt North Carolina’s NBC17 recently did a report on Durham county officials efforts in making things easier for low income families there. Representative Brad Miller and other elected officials were at the Durham County Library to aid residents in filing their tax returns. Unfiled tax refunds are deemed unclaimed money in North Carolina and go to the NC Unclaimed Property Division. The officials were also there to help citizens take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit program. The tax program provides a refund up to $4,716 for a single parent who earned less $37,783 with two qualifying children in 2007. Workers with no offspring who earned less than $12,590 can receive up to $428. Officials from the IRS say the credit is a reward to citizens who try to hold their jobs even though they don’t earn a lot. Durham resident Ronald Eubanks waited in line at the […] […]

  2. ayfer april carter says:

    do I have unclaimed check

  3. Lathonia McIntyre says:

    My name is Lathonia McIntyre Jr. My father was from North Carolina with the same name. His mother was Lucile , I think, and I was wondering If there was some monies in inheritance left in his name. He’s passed so I being his son decided to check. Your response would ne greatly appreciated. I now live in San Diiego Ca. but grew up in Corpus Christi Texas.

  4. phillip Revels says:

    My name is Phillip Revels, and I’m looking for unclaimed cash that may belong to me.

  5. deborah jean knight says:

    just trying to folow-up and make sure my mother dont have no unclaimed money

  6. carmen Dantzler says:

    my name is Carmen dantzler and my father’s name is Donnie Pollard {deceased as of Dec 2012} my father only paid child support for me when I was an infant in Durham,NC to my mother Sylvia J. Dantzler. I grow up in Rome, NY. I am searching for any checks or moneys owed to me as his first born child. He’s biologolical children are Carmen Dantzler, Tamecia Pollard, Donnie Pollard, Marcus Pollard. He was divorced from Evelyn Coffin Pollard and Robin Peaks Pollard. Please contact me at 123 Ringdahl Court Apt 2, Rome, NY 13440.

  7. edna l. patterson says:

    I am looking for unclaimed money from my mother Deborah p.knight or James a. Jones

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