Tax refunds seems to be the rage this time of year when locals are being alerted of millions in North Carolina (NC) unclaimed tax returns.

This afternoon, posted a story citing 115,000 Carolinians are due over $100 million in refunds which have been left unclaimed.

This is insane!

It’s quite amazing so many Americans are due money and do not claim it. I wonder if there is any other nation in the world where this could happen? think about this, your odds are better than Vegas!

Oprah Winfrey reportyed 7 in 10 Americans are estimated to be due a claim.

Keep in mind, these are only tax refunds. There are nearly $40 BILLION nationwide from all types of unclaimed property like  uncashed checks, deposit boxes, utility deposits, and dozens of unclaimed money sources.

If you want to find all types of claims for NorthCarolina Unclaimed Money, be sure to search legitimate sites which offer complete searches and lifetime access like

On another note, if you have ever had an account with a credit union, the National Credit Union Administration pays members when federally insured credit unions liquidate.

More reports from additonal states tax returns will be posted as they are announced.

  1. connie says:

    My name is connie brewer do have any unclaimed monet

  2. Gerry lee Casimer says:

    Just looking for if I have any money out there

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