Unclaimed funds in not a scam!

I didn’t believe it at first either! In fact, when I first started searching, I was paying “per search. PER SEARCH! That can really add up fast since we need to conduct a money search at least once a year!

Welllllll… I know of a site where you only pay once for lifetime acess to everything unclaimedmoney. Not just the free unclaiemd property links. I mean EVERYTHING.

unclaimed money database

I know a place where you can pay just once and have lifetime access to  unclaimed money databases, pre escheat information (hard to find claims), access to vital records for death certificates, and direct links to every unclaimed property office in America.

If you want the real scoop about how to find unclaimed money, don’t just click, click as fast as you can to check out http://www.unclaimedmoney.net

Russ really knows his stuff and is available by phone and email to answer your questions. Without a doubt, the best unclaimedmoney bargain out there!

  1. alisa says:

    I’ve been next to homelessness in the past 5 years since a horriable divorce that’s left me destituted and I need help desperatly.
    Please show me money that I dearly need n0ow and how I can get it as I’ve had some big Hospital bills as well that I need to take care of.
    Most Sincerely Alisa
    PS I maiden name was Alisa Denise Jones born in Memphis Tenn 1961

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